Zero Code NFT Review

Creating Digital Art with ZERO Code NFT in Just 6 Simple Steps(with Images)

Zero Code NFT is a platform where you create your NFTs and access advanced features like preview, pre-sales, whitelisting, airdrop, and more. 

Over the past couple of years, NFT sales have skyrocketed. The most expensive NFT is from Pak, sold for over $91 million, taking over Beeple’s Everydays ($69.3 million) by a considerable gap. One reason for such huge popularity is the easy ways of creating NFTs through various online tools.

You should read this article if you wish to get an even easier way of creating and selling NFTs.

We are introducing a revolutionary platform, Zero Code NFT, that lets you control your NFTs as if they were coded by skilled developers. But what is an NFT?

What is an NFT?

NFT are art forms(pictures, audio, video, etc.) embedded in blockchain for security and authentication, allowing unique ownership and secure transfers.

Everyone wishes to earn a decent amount for their efforts. NFTs are art forms that can be produced by anyone with just a little effort. NFTs not only let you earn an extra few bucks but also showcases your talent to the world.

Zero Code NFT offers a unique platform that lets you mint your NFT and enables you to access advanced features like preview, pre-sales, whitelisting, wallet allowance, airdrop, and a lot more. 

Zero Code NFT

Ihor Bodnarchuk, a software engineer, founded Zero Code NFT. The platform allows users to create customizable NFTs and enable them to control features like NFT numbers, allowing whitelisting, airdrops, and many other custom features. There are a lot of NFT generators, but most of them are best-suitable for amateurs. Zero Code NFT gives you control over your art like never before.

The platform just requires one-factor login through wallets like Metamask. Once done, you can create lots of custom-made NFTs and offer features like a professional NFT organization. Another prime feature is that it allows NFT Art to be sold in marketplaces like Opensea, helping people to access a wide range of customers. 

Is Zero Code NFT an NFT generator?

Zero Code NFT is much more than an NFT generator. It lets you access features that are seldom available in other NFT generators, like Whitelisting, Airdrops, etc.

Connecting Wallet

Connecting the wallet is very easy in Zero Code NFT. It feels like the website has been designed to keep a smooth user experience.

  • Again click on the icon as shown below to connect your Metamask.
  • Enter the password on your metamask plugin.
  • Then it would ask for the following details: name, email, and referral code(optional).
Registering on Zero Code NFTs
Registering on Zero Code NFTs

How to create NFT art in 6 simple steps?

1. Select the contract type.

First, you need to select the contract type(smart contract) which will hold your NFT. Smart contracts are executable code that works automatically when a specific condition is satisfied. In this case, accepting payments and transferring NFTs to the buyer’s account are such conditions.

Selecting Contract Type on Zero Code NFT
Selecting Contract Type

There are three options:

  • ERC-721 is the most common and widely used standard of NFT. That NFT art created using this standard have each smart contract dedicated to each NFT. Unless you are an advanced user, we recommend that you do not select other contract types.
  • ERC-721A: It is an experimental smart contract code that might have bugs or errors. Please test this standard with Ethereum’s test networks like Rinkeby to ensure smooth functionality before using it. To save gas fees, developers and creators use it for NFT minting on small batches.
  • ERC-20: It is a fungible smart contract standard and supports multiple NFTs valued differently. Zero Code NFT expects this feature to come soon on its platform.

2. Selecting the Blockchain

Selecting the Blockchain
Selecting the Blockchain

NFTs are available in many blockchains these days. These blockchains are well-known, like Binance Smart Chain, Solana Blockchain, etc. If you do not have any preference, we recommend selecting Ethereum Blockchain(the most used). You should also know that Polygon blockchain offers meager gas fees.

Further clicking on the Solana blockchain takes you straight to email, which is weird considering there is no other information except inquiry.

My experience with Minting NFTs is that Ethereum still rules the world of NFTs, but the gas fees are very high, and Solana is too much failure-prome. Here is an article by Forbes about the failure-prone blockchain.

However, Binance is a very good alternative, the fees are relatively lower, and the security is also top-grade.

3. General Information

The general information step requires you to fill in the following 7 data points:

  • IPFS Metadata URL:  Inter-Planetary File System; IPFS is the repository where those files that have been converted into NFTs are stored. You must submit the complete file URL down to the last folder here.
  • Name of the NFT: Select a name for your NFT collection.
  • Collection Size: You can select the number of NFTs that will be part of this collection. It can be as low as 1. There appears to be no upper limit. For an NFT art gallery, choose the appropriate number. Or, in the case of different artworks, mint each one. 
  • Token Symbol: Select a symbol for the tokens.
  • Mint Price: You can select the mint price based on the blockchain. Remember, the mint prices are in Blockchain Native Coins, not fiat currencies.
  • Max NFTs per Person: Select the maximum numbers of NFTs that you want to allow per person. This field is an optional one.
  • Max NFTs per Transaction: Select the maximum numbers of NFTs that you want to allow per transaction. It is essential to avoid gas wars. This field is also optional.

4. Features

All features in this section are optional, and selection depends upon the user. This section contains three elements, namely:

  • Delayed Reveal: It allows buyers to reveal NFTs only when users mint them. This step helps in avoiding information or access to NFTs that are rare. Otherwise, minters will only mint rare NFTs if they can see all of them.
  • Whitelist: This feature allows a few wallet addresses to mint their NFTs before anyone, so there is no gas war. There is a field where you can set presale or whitelisting prices.
  • Split Revenue: This feature allows multiple users to earn when they sell NFTs. You can also set which account will get how much share of the earnings after the sales.

5. Marketplace

This section contains six fields that you need to fill in. Some are later editable, such as collection name, description, etc., in NFT marketplaces like Opensea.

  • Marketplace: It is the secondary marketplace where you will sell your NFTs. For example, if you select Ethereum(like I did) on the Blockchain page, it will show the OpenSea NFT marketplace as the secondary marketplace. You can change it later.
  • Collection Name: Name your collection, which will feature on OpenSea or the platform of your choice.
  • Description: Enter a description of your project.
  • Project URL: This is the URL users can access to learn more about your NFT collection.
  • Royalties: The creator receives a royalty for each sale in the secondary market. If you enter 10% as a royalty, you will receive 10% of the transaction value for each subsequent sale.
  • Royalties Recipient: Add the address where you want to get the royalties(funds) to be deposited.

6. Deploy

The deploy section is the final step. You are requested to verify all the details and edit them if required. Many things, such as whitelisting addresses, beneficiary addresses, etc., should be checked at least twice to avoid permanent loss of funds.

NOTE: The metamask wallet, which you will use to pay the deployment fees, will acquire ownership of the NFTs.

Additional Feature: Lazy Mint

Lazy Mint allows NFT Art creators to make buyers pay the fee for minting. With this, anyone can create an NFT art collection without the need for financing the initial deployment.

Zero Code NFT Pricing Plans:

There are three pricing plans available:

  1. Test Plan: Let you deploy NFTs on test networks such as Rinkeby in Ethereum blockchain. It also includes
    • Lazymint
    • Royalties
    • Whitelist
    • Delayed Reveal
    • Airdrop
    • Smart Contract Panel
    • Split Revenue
  1. Launch: $799. Everything in Test Plan plus:
    • Zero Code NFT Collection
    • Opensea Setup
    • Minting Page and Webpage build support(Wix, Elementor, WordPress)
    • Technical and Launch day support.
    • IPFS assistance.
  1. Charity: There is a 25% off for non-profit organizations. All features are available.


Zero Code NFT is a revolutionary platform in the world of NFTs. It will help new creators save a lot of money that creators spend on blockchain service providers. Further, this will encourage the adoption of NFT Financing as the primary method of selling artwork or financing art projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the gas fee to mint NFT in Ethereum?

Gas fees depend upon the network congestion and typically range from 0.05-025 Eth.

Can I change the NFT price after deployment?

A smart contract dashboard is given in the platform that lets you do that.

Can I get a trial for Zero Code NFTs?

The free test plan lets you access most of the significant features.

How can I get free NFTs?

There are several NFT collections that host airdrops. You can get a free NFT there. If you do not know about any NFT airdrop, check here at

How is Zero Code NFT different from Rarible NFT or Opensea NFT minting?

Zero Code NFT lets you control many features that are not available in Opensea NFT or Rarible NFT marketplaces, such as:

  1. Whitelisting Wallets
  2. Airdrops


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