Philcoin on Bitmart

Bitmart Lists Philcoin, World’s First Philanthropic Cryptocurrency

Bitmart has listed the first philanthropic cryptocurrency called Philcoin. The cryptocurrency is already listed on MEXC and Uniswap.
Philcoin on Bitmart

Bitmart has listed the first philanthropic cryptocurrency called Philcoin. The cryptocurrency is already listed on MEXC and Uniswap. Philcoin is a cryptocurrency that wishes to bring more speed, transparency, and accountability to the world of charities. Its features are designed on the concept of dual benefits for donors as well as receivers(donate-to-earn).

The listing broadens the potential user base for Philcoin to 9 million users in over 180 countries, further driving accountability in charities worldwide. The PHILApp, a core product of Philcoin, already has about a quarter-million users. Using an exchange would make their buying process even smoother.

Currently, the world is going through a bad phase of crypto winter, where people are growing skeptical of blockchain technology. However, people with knowledge are accumulating cryptocurrencies in record numbers. Ethereum has reached record ownership with over 90 Million addresses, while addresses holding more than 1 Bitcoin are also at an all-time high.

In such situations, it is vital to educate people about the huge benefits of cryptocurrencies, especially in communities with little financial access. PHILApp offers crypto rewards for people who use the app. Anyone can earn by using PHILApp for learning, teaching, chatting, watching shows, referring to friends, and many more activities. Even donating through the app can bring you rewards such as NFTs and staking rewards.

Learning about the benefits of cryptocurrencies can help people in several ways. It can help marginalized people to save the value of their hard-earned money from inflation while also getting some income by using PHILApp. Further, through blockchain technology, donors can be assured that every penny collected for donations is flowing into the right hands, thereby ensuring greater transparency. 

Commenting on the listing during the current market situation, Philcoin co-founder and CEO Jerry Lopez said:

“This bear market is more of a purge of the projects that lack transparency and which do not meet the standards and overall purpose of crypto and blockchain. I like to look at this market as a bonsai tree. The tree cannot grow without being pruned. Its leaves and branches are cut from the top to give space for the bottom to grow. It’s finally time for companies with integrity, real intentions, and human-focused ambitions to help the industry grow safely and demonstrate what they have planned for this next decade in the blockchain.”

About Philcoin and PHILApp

PHILApp is the world’s first and only philanthropic cryptocurrency focusing on fixing funds’ accountability in charities. With blockchain technology, Philcoin aims to empower people who need support through donations. Several times donations are stuck in paperwork which causes unwanted delays, and funds do not reach on time, even after a calamity. Philcoin ensures speed, accountability, and transparency through the power of decentralization while helping the ones in need.

PHILApp, a core product of Philcoin, ensures the empowerment of communities and individuals through unique methods. It offers incentives in the form of NFTs and staking rewards for people who donate benefitting donors and receivers. People can use the app in their daily lives for chatting, referrals, watching shows, learning, teaching, etc., to empower others while also empowering themselves.


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