Bitcoin Price Analysis June 2022

Bitcoin Technical Analysis June 2022

Recently Bitcoin broke the $20,000 market support and faced a sharp decline. After making a 52-week low of $17,708, it recovered more than 10% to $19,700. Here are the fundamental, technical, and on-chain analyses of Bitcoin.

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General Analysis of Bitcoin

Bitcoin severely crashed from its all-time high of $68,789, plummeting to $17,708, a crash of nearly 75%. Its market cap dwindled to just $370 Billion from over $1.2 trillion. This was a huge fall even if we consider the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies.

Technical Analysis

Hourly Charts

The Technical analysis is based on RSI(relative Strength Index). If we take a look at the hourly charts, it shows a pretty interesting story.

  • The RSI score is above 60(#2 in the image) in a bear market which denotes very high bullishness.
  • It is a common practice that during bearish markets, the RSI oscillates between the ranges of 40-20.
  • We can clearly see that RSI strength bounced back from the levels of 40 twice(#1).
  • Also, the price broke out with a high volume than usual signalling that price action is with volume(#3).
Bitcoin Price Hourly Charts
Bitcoin Price Hourly Charts

Daily Charts

The Story is a bit less optimistic on daily charts.

  • The RSI score has bounced back from the level of 20 as shown by #1 in the image.
  • The volume is still lesser than its previous days. For this upside move to sustain, the volume needs to be even higher.
  • To make any move on either buy or sell direction, I will wait for a bigger volume.
Bitcoin Price Daily Charts


The charts seem good on an hourly basis but for investors, they should become good on a daily chart. Since daily charts are much more stable, an RSI above 40 on a daily chart on a sustained basis would mean a beginning of a reversal of bear markets.


The breakout might lure you to buy. However, we suggest that you should not let this breakout tempt you or instil a fear of missing out. You should let the RSI cross 40 in a daily chart before considering any buy decision.

Disclaimer: I am not a registered financial advisor. Though I am a certified Equity and Derivatives Analyst, I do not have a practice license. This blog is purely for educational practices.

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